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Does Your Church Website Pass The Blink Test?

The Blink Test refers to the approximately 0.02 seconds it takes for a person to decide if something interests them enough. 

This rule applies to books, shows, movies, and especially to websites and your online experience.

Since the margin to engage every visitor is so small, it is therefore essential that your first impression has to dazzle. You have 0.02 seconds. After that, you have an extra 2.6 seconds to really draw in your visitors and make them stay.  And as you probably already know people will visit your church website before they even dare to walk through your door.

Therefore you got to ask yourself, does your website pass the Blink Test and encourage visitors to not only stay and explore more of your church online...but will your site capture their attention and curiosity enough to encourage them to visit next Sunday morning?

If your church needs a website that will pass the Blink Test, you need to discover Clover Sites, a strategic partner of Ministry Best Practices.



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