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4 Things Pastors Wrongly Fear

“How many of us would have to confess that there are moments when we are more ruled by fear of ________ than fear of God?”

What things do pastors wrongly fear?
from Paul Tripp:

Fear of me: “There are few things that will reveal to you the full range of your sin, immaturity, weakness, and failure like ministry will. There are few things that will expose your weaknesses to others as consistently as ministry does. There are few endeavors that will put you under public scrutiny like ministry does. There are few things that are as personally humbling as ministry is. There are few endeavors that have the power to produce in you such deep feelings of inadequacy as ministry does.”

Fear of others: “Most of the people you serve will love and appreciate you and will encourage you as they are able, but not all of them. Some will love you and have a wonderful plan for your life! Some will assign themselves to be the critics of your preaching and/or leadership. Some will be loyal and supportive, and some will do things that undermine your pastoral leadership. Some will give themselves to the ministry in sacrificial acts of service, and some will complain about the way they are being served… Some you will connect with easily, and with others you will find relationships much more difficult.”

Fear of Circumstances: “There is a constant unpredictability to life and ministry.”

Fear of the future: “You always live and minister in the hardship of not knowing. In both life and ministry you are called to trust and obey and believe that God will guide and provide.”

- Paul Tripp (Dangerous Calling)

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