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4 Dangerous Measurements Of Ministry Significance

These are four things that pastors should not measure their spiritual maturity by:

Ministry knowledge: “It is not an oxymoron to say that there are loads of theologically knowledgeable pastors who, in the way they live and minister, are spiritually immature.”

Ministry experience: “There is a critical difference between the street-level wisdom gained from experience and spiritual maturity. You can know what is going to happen next, because you’ve been around the block a few times, but you may not deal well with what is going to happen next, because you lack maturity.”

Ministry success: “We have no ability to advance God’s kingdom. So ministry success always says more about the Lord we serve that it does about us.”

Ministry celebrity: “You must take their congratulatory words as well meant but lacking in accuracy and, therefore, spiritual helpfulness. They haven’t seen you in your private domain, they do not know your heart, and they have not interviewed those who live nearest to you.”

- Paul Tripp (Dangerous Calling)


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