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The Rise Of The @Pastor

Barna just came out with a comparative report on social media use within the church. While there is a significant leap compared to two years ago in social media use, churches are still behind the curve when it comes to social media.

For instance, only 70% of churches have a Facebook presence - that's a 13% improvement from 2011 (of course mileage varies whether or not those Facebook accounts are really active).

When it comes to individual pastors, 66% have a Facebook account. That’s a mere 7% increase since 2011. And only 23% of pastors are active on Twitter.

If you ask me these numbers should be much higher, especially when it comes to churches using Facebook.  There is absolutely no reason why a church shouldn't have an active Facebook page.  It is free, it's is easy to set-up and manage, it acts as a helpful front door for visitors, it connects with people who already attend the church, it reaches people the church may not easily reach...etc.


Pastors are growing their presence in social media but very slowly. Churches are in a need of social media alert for different occasions and some regular updates.

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