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The Hyper-Connected Teenager

It is self-evident that you and I are living in a hyper-connected culture - we seem to be always "on". And what is true of many adults is even more true of our teenagers-they are constantly connected. For those of you involved in youth ministry, that fact can either be a good thing, or it can be a disaster.

The infographic below looks at both sides of the hyper-connected are some key takeaways:

1. The risk of losing face to face communication.  Teens today are replacing relationships for digital ones. They are similar, but face to face communication is critical and crucial in a church/youth group setting.

2. 95% of teens have access to the internet, and 74% have access to internet through a mobile device. The fact of the matter is that youth ministers/workers need to be navigators of the digital world, not novices.

(ht: Youth Ministry Media)


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