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How Is Media Affecting Kids?

It is important for the church to understand how technology and the digital media is impacting the next generation - so here are some important facts to consider:
  • Children under 2 spend 53 minutes a day watching television.
  • 73% of parents say they want to limit their children’s TV watching, but many do not put up barriers or rules to prevent it.
  • More than three fourths of teachers use media and technology as a teaching tool in schools.



I agree with you that kids are going through so much digital media in the whole day. But there is a big hand of starting digital education by most of the schools. This should be restricted in regularly studies, they can arrange monthly sessions of digital education for them.

Thanks for your comments...this is going to be an even bigger challenge as we more forward and technology increases and evolves.

I think this is one of the so much significant information for me. And i am glad studying your article.

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