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Your Ministry's Website Must Be Mobile Moving Forward

In the last quarter of the year 2012, almost as much as 11% of the internet users were using mobile devices, more than 6% of which came from smartphones whereas less than 5% came from tablet devices. And although tablet devices nowadays have a computational power comparable to desktop devices (well, so do smartphones, but screen size matters a lot here), users still want the content optimized and rendered specifically for tablet devices. Hence, in a way, smartphones and tablets can be treated in a similar way.

But what about now? According to a study, from the first quarter of 2012 to now, mobile internet usage has gone up by a staggering 26%, whereas tablet usage has grown by 19%, both very impressive figures in themselves, yet desktop figures, however have taken a beating, with a decline of 6%.  (info from Blogger Tricks)

So what about your church and ministry site?  Is it optimized for a users experience over their mobile phone or tablet?  You might think that in order to develop a mobile presence that you'll be obligated to invest piles of money as well as have to deal endlessly with web developers - NOT SO!

Ministry Best Practices', partner Clover Sites, not only provides attractive, affordable and easy to use sites for churches & ministries - but every site adjusts and adapts whether the user is using a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

If your site is UGLY, outdated or not mobile friendly...then check out Clover Sites - recommended by Ministry Best Practices as well as churches and ministries everywhere.


Thanks for writing about this important topic.

I believe the Internet and broadcasting your services live is still in the early phases of its maturity. Also, the church is in a unique position to reach the world for Christ using streaming technology.

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