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How To Wreck Your Ministry

from Ben Reed:

Everybody wants to be a part of a church (or non-profit) that is flourishing. Everybody that steps into ministry wants to be a part of an organization that helps others grow, and take courageous steps of faith. I've never met someone who said, “Gee, I’d sure like to ruin some innocent people’s lives today at my church. Let’s get after it!”

But the truth is that wrecking your ministry, and the ministry of others, is easier than you think. Typically, through a series of poor decisions (or a lack of intentionality), a slippery slope leads you quickly to a rocky, muddy ditch.

The good news, though, is that with intentionality, flourishing in ministry is possible.

How to wreck your ministry (derived from Ben with our contributions/additions)

  • Have an affair 
  • Kill someone 
  • Quit praying 
  • Develop an illegal addiction
  • Steal money from the church/ministry 
Not so obvious:
  • Spend your “best” time serving others, not your family. 
  • Seek no counsel. 
  • Stop developing personally. 
  • Always think you’re right. 
  • Never support your team mates publicly.
  • Neglect your daily leadership duties.
  • Never ask for help. 
  • Read only the Bible.
  • Only study the Bible for sermon prep. 
  • Always follow every rule to a ‘t,’ and never offer grace.
  • Quit dreaming. 
  • Don’t join a small group where you can be open and honest.
  • Spend 98% of your time in your office. 
  • Always work with a closed door. 
  • Never build relationships with people outside of the faith. 
  • Never go to conferences. 
  • Go to 25+ conference/year. 
  • Don’t become friends with any staff member.
  • Don't develop leaders in your church.
  • Don't delegate.
(ht: Ben Reed)


Great list--maybe you should consider turning this into a self-assessment tool. I think it would be helpful for pastors/missionaries/ministry leaders to do a self-inventory like this on a quarterly basis.

Wow! Great list! Every pastor definitely needs this. Also wanna suggest a book that details some of the main points in this list; it's Dag Heward-Mills' "Transform Your Pastoral Ministry". Check it out and be blessed :)

Thanx John for your recommendation

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