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How To Tell Your Story

Having just returned from leading a team on a medical missions trip to Honduras, I know that one of the biggest challenges short-term mission teams face is "re-entry".  And one of the more difficult parts of the process of re-entry is sharing about and putting into words an team member's experiences while on the mission.

Often, while on the mission, we have been profoundly changed by seeing the Holy Spirit at work - in our lives, the lives of our teammates and the lives of the nationals we serve.  Here are some tips from The Next Mile Goer Guide by Brian Heerwagen on how to tell your story. (these tips work for telling your story to individuals, as well as small and large groups)

The Two-Minute Rule:
  • Think and plan in short, two-minute "modules" that quickly capture your story.
  • Stop when your story ends 
  • Know your opening and closing sentence 
  • Learn, but do not memorize your modules 
  • Don't write out or read your modules. 
Module categories to consider:
  • Opening and closing modules 
  • Cultural and action modules 
  • Nuts and Bolts module - details about work 
  • "Is it worth it all?" module - How God brought you through one of the times where you questioned if your work was worth the difficulties 
  • Claim/Fulfillment module - a benefit the audience will gain if they listen carefully 
Heerwagen, in his book, provides a great process for organizing and presenting your story for various audiences, a short or a longer presentation.

Share your story! And as you do, the Lord will use it to be an encouragement to others as well as a testimony to the work of the Lord, in and through, your life and the team.


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