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Are 75% Of Churches Experiencing Conflict?

According to a study by FaithCommunities, 75% of churches report that they are experiencing some kind of conflict in the past five year’s time.  And 25% report their current conflict as ‘serious’.

Here are the sources of conflict:

Has your church experienced ‘serious’ conflict in the past five years?  If so, how did you handle it and come through it?



Sounds bad, but there's plenty of honest disagreement among all well-functioning organisations. So while we needn't go out of our way to sow dissent, I personally would prefer to be in a church that was willing to be up-front about disagreement than one which squashed differences of opinion.

The other 25% are either Delusional, Lying, or not doing anything.

This looks like it based on a study from 2000. It has left the realm of relevant data and into the dusty land of last minute sermon prep stats.

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