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7 Ways To Honor Your Volunteers

from the Ministry Best Practices Archives:

Our volunteers give their time, energy, and talent to help the local church make an impact. As church leaders, we need to ensure that we honor them appropriately:

“Be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” - Romans 12:10

To honor someone is to give respect, courtesy, and even authority. Here are seven different ways that staff and church leaders can honor their volunteers:
  1. Respect Your Volunteers’ Time - considerate of the time they need for family, friends, work, and rest
  2. Provide Creative Expression - allow your team to be creative, even within your process
  3. Target Excellence - honor your volunteers by allowing them to target excellence in what they do
  4. Solve Small Problems First - small things can add up, so honor your volunteers by solving small problems quickly
  5. Keep Things Simple - sometimes simple is better than the most expensive or most complicated solution
  6. Ask Them Questions - your volunteers are valuable, so value their input
  7. Give Them a Vision - remind them of the big picture to make their sacrifice of time meaningful
(ht: Volunteer Centered)


It was about time they did something. Thanks for sharing.

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