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5 Strategic Fails Of Making Disciples

Information doesn't guarantee transformation. Information alone doesn't change people. If it does, what's our excuse? (Because never before in the history of the church has it been sooo resourced.) There's been a big disconnect between the head and the heart. Discipleship isn't merely about information download. Too often we have treated discipleship like a classroom. But Jesus didn't disciple in a classroom. It was life on life. With life on life spiritual investment comes true, meaningful and real spiritual transformation.

Never equate longevity with maturity. It is possible to be in the church a long time but not have increasing evidence of Jesus' indwelling. Any congregation can become a spiritual club, where graytops are merely infants in diapers. I heard a friend say that too many people in the church suffer from the Sponge Bob problem - they just come to church to sit and soak. If that is all people do, they will never grow. Spiritual transformation is never passive.

The measurement of discipleship is merely obedience.  This statement by itself is false, although obedience and life transformation is certainly a part of spiritual growth.  Yes it is true that discipleship isn't merely about "knowing", but we must be "applying", otherwise it falls short.  But I would add this qualifier - we don't want obedience stemming from legalism, but rather a person whose heart and life is captured by the love of the gospel.

Personal charisma doesn't guarantee transformation. You can be a nice guy and still be a damned nice guy. Having spiritual manners -- even some spiritual sensitivity -- doesn't make you mature. Nice people are adept at fooling others. Of course it is true that external niceness doesn't necessarily indicate internal heart transformation. People can wear masks and be posers. Discipleship demands that we are willing to delve beyond external behavior and manners and get deep into matter of the heart.

Disciples aren't made effectively in classes. There's no way around it: time, time, more time. Coffee, coffee, more coffee. One conversation, then another. Classes are components but shouldn't be the main method. Disciples are made within the messiness of real life. There is no substitute for it. People want to see how faith intersects real issues, struggles and challenges in life. You can't teach that in a classroom.

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This is good stuff. I have attended lectures and sermons on this topic that do not address any of these things and it needs to be addressed. Here is a good model I heard recently. Information needs to become revelation which turns into application which turns into tribulation which if handled right becomes jubilation. That is what needs to be taught and practiced.

Great turn of phrase! thanx :-)

If the pastor/minister is not being LED by the Holy Spirit at the time he is speaking,all the information just goes into the people's minds. If the pastor/minister IS being led by the Holy Spirit, the message finds it way into the people's hearts, that's where the real change comes from. We can all KNOW a lot of scriptures and ideas and ways of thinking, but until the Holy Spirit makes the connection with God's Spirit within our hearts, there is no sticking power.

yes, the power of the Spirit is efficacious and necessary.

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