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When Ministry Is A Mistress

from Dave Kraft:

Ministry idolatry is becoming increasingly widespread, reaching epidemic proportions. It is showcased at network and denominational gatherings, where the focus and conversation is often not about Jesus, but about us and what we are accomplishing and achieving. Leaders discuss the latest poster children for ministry success and their methods so we can all emulate them, buy their books, and attend their “how we did it” seminars and conferences.

“Idolatry creep” sneaks up on you because you can easily and quickly justify it by saying that everything you do is for the Lord, believing your motives are pure. We recognize this in businessmen who work obscene hours while insisting they do it all to benefit the family, when in reality it’s all about them.

Leaders must guard against ministry becoming a mistress.

(ht: Vitamin Z)


This is so true. As a Christian counselor, I have met with many pastors and ministry leaders who have placed their ministries and churches even ahead of their families and the results are devastating. God has a divine order in all things.

@DrDon - like you said, unfortunate and unfortunately too common.

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