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Removing "Church" From The Property

Of course it's been a trend for years to have churches remove denominational labels from their identity and church signs. But now Granger Community Church has chosen to remove the word "church" from their property. There building will  now be called the Granger Commons. This decision comes as a result of a vision and strategy to help their people see their building as merely a "tool" for ministry rather than being the actual "church" itself.  They want people to know and live out being a people on mission together, and not have their identity as the church be tied to simply a building.

Watch one of Granger’s pastors talk about this change:

What are your thoughts?  Will this move help Granger's people see themselves as a missional people?  Or do you think Granger's decision misses the point and will cause confusion?

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Oh, for Pete's sake. You're marketing...just admit it. I don't see where Jesus felt He had to market the faith, nor did the early "church" market itself. If it is successful, great. Just admit what you are doing.

Ya know what I didn't hear in this story or in this video? The name of Jesus Christ. WHO?? Oh yeah, Him. Looks like Granger removed more than just "Church" from its "vision."

Great work! I love what happening here! :)

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