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How Teens View Their Digital Lives - Infographic

For those of you doing youth ministry, these stastistics may not come as a big surprise - or on the other hand, perhaps they will.  Some of these facts and information were new to me.

Exactly how linked up and connected are today's teens to their technology?  Have they become victims of information overload? Here are a couple of stats from the infographic below
  • Over half of teens feel that social media helps their relationships with friends and a third with family while less than 5% see it hurting those relationships.
  • Their favorite medium of communication is in person (49%) and texting (33%)
  • Girls are more apt to using digital forms of communication (though it is for sure that boys use gaming systems much more than girls)
(ht:  CommonSense Media)


Thank you for sharing this information. As social media becomes more and more popular in our culture, we must learn how to share the Gospel in means our culture can understand. Don't change the message, but change the method and a popular method in our culture is social media.


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