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Surfing For God Book - FREE!

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  • 68 Million searches for pornography every day!
  • 70% of Christian men report viewing porn in the last year!
Perhaps you've heard and seen statistics like this. Yet too often the advice for men and women struggling with this addiction and false fantasy is just to have more willpower or just have MORE faith. But that advice misses the point!  It usually leaves the person frustrated and still struggling.

According to counselor and ministry leader Michael John Cusick, there is a better answer.  And that answer he explores in his book, Surfing for God.  In his book, Cusick shows how the pursuit of empty pleasure is really a search for our heart's deepest desire and the real key to resistance is discovering the joy we REALLY and TRULY want.  Cusick's book goes to the heart and soul level and is deeply rooted in helping us live in the light of the gospel and the cross.

I highly recommend this book!  This book has been helpful for me and I have and will continue to use this book in my ministry work with others.

For a limited time, Michael John Cusick and the publisher Thomas Nelson is offering 25,000 copies of the electronic version FREE.  Simply go HERE and download.  Get this book, read it and pass it on.

If you are looking for the paperback version, you can simply buy that HERE


Hi! I know the free giveaway isn't through the site but I don't know where else to post this. I entered my info for the free e-book but it never showed up in my inbox (I checked my spam). Any suggestions? I can't register again because it says my email was already used...

hmmm...this is the first time I've heard of this you have another address?? since I dont run the site, my only suggestion is to try to ask Thomas Nelson...sorry but I don't have any real good suggestions.

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