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Saying No Like Steve Jobs

"How many churches and people are struggling and suffering because they're trying to do too much?

When Steve Jobs was asked about Apple’s culture of innovation, he said: - “It comes from saying no to 1,000 things to make sure we don’t get on the wrong track or try to do too much.”

We've got to practice saying NO!

Tony Morgan explains what this looks like:
“Many times you have to say no to adding a new ministry. Many times you have to say no to doing another special event. Many times you have to say no to communicating something to your entire audience. Many times you have to say no to good people with good ideas. Big churches get that. They understand that saying no helps the organization maintain alignment and creates opportunities to say yes to the things that will make a bigger impact.”
Perhaps churches and ministry leaders need to keep a "stop doing list" or write out a ‘things we don’t do’ list, to clarify exactly what activities they won’t get involved in, even good things.  Because in ministry there are a lot of "good" things to do...but the issue is saying no to "good" things and opportunities so that you can focus and choose the "best" thing.

A good book I would recommend with keeping church and ministry simple is Simple Church.

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Hi Bill, thanks for the great info. Thank you also for how you presented the info. A couple of weeks ago I was on another Christian site and they had posted a video addressing this same topic of churches over extending themselves. However it came across as "Church bashing" I made the comment that it would have been better to present the importance of their ideas without throwing the church under the bus. Sadly one response to my comment was that "There is nothing wrong with bashing the church"

We do need to learn to focus on what we are called to do. The best word I have learned in ministry is "No" I may offend a few, but in the long run I can be much more effective.

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