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MailChimp For Churches

MailChimp is my ministry's preferred solution for creating and sending compelling email communications. I have recommended MailChimp to my ministry associates, leaders and many others. Why? Because it is easy to use, powerful and cheap!  In fact, if your church or ministry has less than 2,000 people (subscribers), it’s free.

MailChimp put together a useful guide for churches (and ministries) – it’s calledMailChimp for Churches‘. 

Now called Mailchimp for NonProfits!

If you are not using really may want to consider doing so today.



We're currently using Constant Contact, and have been happy with the functionality.
We're looking at BombBomb because of the attractive FellowshipOne integration.

Do you have any thoughts on how MailChimp compares with those two?


-- Joe

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