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Get Fired In the Interview

from Denny Burk:
When I was in college and aspiring to ministry, I was greatly influenced by a pastor in Denton, Texas named Tommy Nelson. Among the many nuggets of wisdom that I gleaned from him was this: “Get fired in the interview.” 
What was he talking about? He was telling all of us young aspiring preachers exactly what we should be doing when candidating for a pastorate. It was sage advice for me then, and I reckon it is sage advice for any aspiring pastor who may be reading this now. When the pastor-search committee interviews you, don’t hold anything back in terms of your beliefs or philosophy of ministry. If there’s a deal-breaker between you and the church, it’s better for that to come out in the interview stage than after they’ve already hired you. Lay all your cards out on the table, and let the chips fall where they may.
This is good advice, although for many it may be hard to execute.  Why?  Because too often we want the opportunity to work out and whether it's consciously or unconsciously we are willing to soft-pedal, overlook or downplay areas of disagreement while merely accentuating agreement - so we play it safe.  But too often doing so is merely kicking the can down the road, only to have those "hot-button" issues surface during the pastor's tenure.  And when they do, they cause conflict, contention and confusion for both the pastor and the church.

It is better to get all areas on the table at the beginning...rather than assuming things will be different once you're in the role of pastor..because it won't.


Great advice.

To my experience, even when you do lay it all on the table at an interview, you're still in for a wild ride as you actually implement your ideas. What people say they want is often far from what they actually want.

It's like they say, "If it was easy, everybody'd do it." Leadership is always an adventure in moving people from where they are to where they could be.

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