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9 Questions Leaders Should Ask When People Leave

  1. Do we have some mechanism for personally knowing our "sheep", if so - is it working? 
  2. Do we have some way of knowing when people are not showing up at church? 
  3. Are the pathways to connecting in our church clear and easy to navigate? 
  4. Are we confronting cliquishness in our church? 
  5. Are we burning out those in the church by allowing or causing them to over-serve or serve outside their gifting? 
  6. Are we effectively and clearly communicating with our congregation? 
  7. Is it at least possible that we are more at fault than we think? 
  8. Have we contributed to their frustration by having made promises we didn’t deliver on? 
  9. Are these critics who are negative toward the church generally critical and impossible to please?
(read entire post by Kevin DeYoung)


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