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5 Ways To Kill A Message

1. Failure to adequately prepare. You and I will never have enough time, so we have to get ahead of time. How effective would your message be if you could get 5 days ahead or even 3 weeks ahead? Set aside a non-negotiable planning day or morning to write the message 5 days ahead or 3 weeks ahead of time. We make it too easy to cancel meetings with ourselves.

2. The message goes too long. Often our messages go too long because we are not prepared and find ourselves rambling trying to make our point. Often we take so long because we don’t understand ourselves the point of our message well enough.

3. Too many good ideas. Don’t let the information in your message water down or confuse your main idea.
What would be the tweet describing your message? If you cannot summarize your message in 140 characters, you have more work to do.

4. Too few stories. Jesus was a master storyteller. Great content without a story does not communicate as effectively. Stories are important for the following reasons:
  • Stories hold our attention. A brain gets tired of listening after 10 minutes, and a story helps the listener re-engage.
  • Stir our emotions.
  • Help us remember.
5. No clear action step. People ask themselves: ‘that’s true, so what?’ What do I want the listener to do? Make the action step clear.

(ht: Jeff Henderson)


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