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5 Ways To Lead Like Jesus

1.  Jesus prayed and fasted all night asking God who He should bring on His team.

2.  Jesus chose the “uneducated and untrained.” He didn’t choose leaders, He built His own.

3.  Jesus trained His followers by example, and then empowered them to do the same.

4.  Jesus expected those that were with Him, would do greater things than He did.

5.  Jesus gave His life to and for those that were with Him.

(ht: Artie)


For the most part I agree. But at Penn State University-College of Medicine's Christian Medical Society (CMS)/CMDA (and in my previous work with graduate students and faculty at Carnegie Mellon U), I have been blessed by leaders trained in Christian colleges/universities, various campus ministries, and numerous local congregations. The people of God bringing various gifts shared with one-another and the campus . . . stretching and refining one-another and even me as "a leader" :)

A little more comment: The celebration of Pentecost is one of several vivid annual celebrations which remind me that as a "leader," I'm not at the beginning of the work of God. . . . I'm a small contributor to the greater work of the Kingdom of God. Jesus' leadership/ministry and the power of it (ordained by the Father) continues to pave the way and go before (even surround) us.

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