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4 Big Ways Satan Attacks Leaders

  • Illness 
  • Pain or physical suffering 
  • Death of people we love 
  • Ministry disasters (the wheels falling off right before an event, etc). 
  • Financial calamity 

  • Satan will seek to use disasters for the very fact that that they can become distractions. 
  • "putting out fires..." 
  • exchanging busyness for effectiveness 

Draining people
  • Know what persecution is? People giving us a hard time because of what we believe and do! 
  • "Extra grace required" people 
  • "High maintenance" people 
  • Negative people 

Destructive attitudes & behaviors
  • Negativity 
  • Inappropriate thoughts 
  • Inappropriate habits 
  • Inappropriate relationships 
(ht: Shawn Lovejoy)


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