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Are You A Welcoming Church?

Updated from the MinistryBestPractices Archives: 

Are you a welcoming church? Perhaps you think you are...but because you've been coming to your church for some time and your opinion or perspective may be skewed.  Try to enter into the experience of a guest on Sunday morning. Ask God to give you fresh eyes on the Sunday morning experience.  How do think that a guest may feel when they enter your church?
  1. Do you provide an appropriate welcome to those visiting during your Sunday worship service? 
  2. Do you have the expectation that people will be visiting your church every Sunday?
  3. Is there adequate signage around the church for parking, bathroom and nursery?  
  4. Are people at your church able and prepared to go beyond "Hi, what's your name? Where do you live?" in a conversation with a guest? 
  5. Are people at your church willing to stop being driven by the TASKs on Sunday morning and stop long enough to have a conversation with a guest/visitor? 
  6. Do people smile at guests when speaking? 
  7. Do people make eye contact with the guests when speaking to them? 
  8. When someone is hurting, are you and others at your church willing to go beyond the "I'll pray for you" and actually stop and pray for that person? 
  9. Are you and others willing to accept and approach people who are different from you? 
  10. Are you truly a welcoming church?


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