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7 Deadly Sins Of Social Media

Of course it is very important for your church or ministry to get engaged and using social media.  But in the process of doing so, you may run into committing several deadly sins.  Avoid these at all cost!

1. Assault
Are you constantly sending out tweets? Is your church's Facebook page wall covered with links, photos, automated posts and misc. junk? Just as much as you dislike being bombed with status updates, your followers do, too.

2. Neglect
While you can’t monopolize your networks’ newsfeeds, you can’t disappear from them, either.  You need to commit time and energy to your social networks.

3. Irrelevance
Are you posting things that have little to no relevance to your church's community or audience? If you post all kinds of silly and irrelevant stuff, over time your people will stop coming to your Facebook page or Twitter feed to connect.

4. Detachment
Are you just using social media as a bullhorn, without allowing it develop and cultivate conversation?

5. Inconsistency
As with point #4, social media is great for getting conversations going. While you should be contributing, don’t simply pose a question to your network, and then disregard the responses you get.

6. Disconnection
Engage in a variety of networks and services, and give people multiple ways to connect with you! 

7. Quantitativeness
It’s not all about the numbers. Sure, to a point you should keep your follower count (and Klout score) in mind, but it shouldn’t be the top source of motivation for your posts.

(ht: Social Media Today)


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