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4 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid

So your church or ministry has a bunch of social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest??  That's great - but be careful as you manage and interact using social media, you'll want to avoid making these mistakes.

Not posting enough. If you’re too busy to post on your social media accounts on a daily basis, try to do it every few days or at least weekly. Any less than that and people will begin to feel like there’s no point in engaging with you or your ministry because you’re account is largely inactive. (see THIS POST) And when you post, post a mix of content - images, videos, and even links to blogs and important events.

Posting too often. The pendulum can swing the other way, and you may post too often. In fact you may overwhelm those connected with you on social media.  Use programs like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts and keep them scattered throughout the day, so that they are not bunched up.

Getting too personal. Social media does allow for greater interaction with your audience, but be careful about getting too personal with your Facebook and Twitter updates.  You want to remember that you are representing your organization, church or ministry.  People aren't going to be that interested or impressed with the cute pictures of your cat that you may choose to post on your church's Twitter account.

Ignoring those you are connected with. Once you have your social media accounts set up, make sure you remember to check direct messages as well as any posts your followers tweet or leave for you on Facebook. Completely ignoring questions, concerns, feedback, and complaints can make your ministry/church look bad or indifferent.


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