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Preach Better Sermons

On March 15th, 2012 from 1-4pm EST, Preaching Rocket will present a live, FREE, online event to help you prepare and deliver better sermons.

Why should you attend this event?

1. The key responsibility of every pastor is to be able to handle and communicate effectively the Word of God - it is your calling and responsibility - therefore you can't afford to neglect this opportunity.

2. As a pastor, you're constantly working on the church. This conference will work on YOU.

3. Preparing sermons can be a lonely process. Let's build a community and help one another. It starts with this conference.

4. You will learn from some of the best pastors about how they prepare, study, and deliver their sermons.

5. It's free. There's no registration fee and no travel expense.

Go HERE for more information and to register


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