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Change The Culture Of Your Church To Change Lives

Free Webinar for Church Leaders on Feb 29, 2012 called: “Pornography and Your Church” -
Changing the Culture of Your Church to Change Lives

The purpose of this webinar is to give pastors and lay church leaders practical ideas about how they can create a “culture of accountability” to combat the prevalent but hidden sin of pornography.
  • How do you help men to be more open about their habitual sins?
  • How do you help parents to proactively guard their homes?
  • How do you protect those on your staff from Internet temptations?
During this webinar you will hear from church leaders who have witnessed great changes among the men, women, and families in their churches.

You will also be given 5 practical steps you can take to walk your church through a similar process.

Space is limited. Join and be a part of this webinar on February 29, 2012, at 3pm

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