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Why Young People Leave The Church

A recent study conducted by the Barna Group provides explanations as to why young American Christians are leaving the church. Reasons include a general idea that the church is overprotective, and that Christianity is too exclusive.

Young people were reported to leave the church for the following reasons: (1) The church is overprotective. (2) Teens' and 20-somethings' experience of Christianity is shallow. (3) Churches come across as antagonistic to science. (4) Young Christians' church experiences related to sexuality are often simplistic, judgmental. (5) They wrestle with the exclusive nature of Christianity. (6) The church feels unfriendly to those who doubt. Click here to read research findings with fuller explanations of these concerns.


Have you seen the resource called Following Jesus Without Leaving the Church about the subject of the millennial generation leaving the church? It is a DVD series being developed by a writer named Caleb Breakey. He wants to sell the DVD series, but also distribute the content for free on sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

Here is a link to his the KickStarter page for his project, I think it looks like potentially a fantastic resource once it gets developed.

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