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Churches Investing In Their Own Apps

Do you use a smartphone? 

You probably do...and if you do then you are using native apps for all kinds of specific tasks and programs and churches are no exception as churches/ministries are getting into the act more and more by developing their own apps.

Smartphone apps are now easier and cheaper to design and distribute more than ever, giving greater accessibility to churches and ministries with limited budgets and resources.  Here is the article from the Wall Street Journal illustrating this trend - Churches Bring Custom Apps to Their Flocks
App developers say more than 150 churches across the U.S. have had customized smartphone and tablet apps created to connect with their members. The church apps are a relatively new twist on the broader influx of technology into religious life that includes popular apps for prayer and even making confessions.

Pastors and parishioners say the technology can enable people to uphold the call to stay religiously involved at all times, not just on Sunday. App developers expect thousands of churches to develop the apps in coming years to meet demand from worshipers.
With my ministry I've taken advantage of this opportunity by using a great online tool called Conduit - here are my mobile apps that I produced at little cost (the cost comes from the mobile platforms such as Android and Apple).


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