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Three Big Considerations Before You Recruit Volunteers

Before you start recruiting volunteers for your church and ministry you have to ask yourself these three strategic questions:

What kind of person do you need? - Traits, Skills, Personality, Experience??

What is the level of difficulty for the position and opportunity being filled? - Develop an honest assessment of all that position will entail and require.

What are the most likely methods that you will use to fill that position? - Will you recruit from an existing group of volunteers? Go outside the organization? etc...

If you miss the mark in accurately assessing any of these questions, you will either go after and put the wrong people in certain volunteer positions.  Or you will advertise and offer volunteer opportunities and positions that portray unrealistic demands or expectations (either easier or more difficult).

Spending time on these questions will make sure you get the right person doing the right job and being able to fill that job when needed.


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