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Fund Your Church Now

My friend Casey Graham is the real deal - he's a guy who loves the Lord and has a genuine passion, and proven expertise in helping churches fund their churches in order that they can effectively accomplish their calling and Kingdom work.

This Thursday, Casey and Giving Rocket will be hosting a FREE online conference.

I know that you can come up with a ton of reasons why you shouldn't sign up for this or why you think that another conference on giving won't work....You might be saying....

"You just don't know my people"

The bottom line is that while your church has a unique mission and culture, people are generally the same.  People ARE different, but we all share some of the same hopes, dreams and fears.

"We're NOT in a wealthy area"

Pastors in urban churches say that people in the city don't have any money. Pastors in rural areas talk about how hard it is to get people to give. Suburban pastors complain about how overextended their people are.

"Our church is different"

While it may be true that your church has a focused mission, God has called you to love him and
reach people. That bottom-line mission is for churches of all shapes, sizes and styles.
Stop using your unique calling as an excuse for low funding.

You don't want to miss this!


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