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Would You Be Lost Without Your Phone?

Apparently teenagers would be.  

A recent survey by Best Enemies Education in Australia reveals 80% of teen girls actually sleep with their cell phones, and 50% tuck their phones under their pillows and set them to vibrate. Chief executive of Best Enemies, Ross Bark, said students were so obsessed with Facebook and texting they were checking messages until very late.

Australian girls aren’t unique in this. 84% of American teens with cell phones sleep with the phone on or near the bed. On average, teens send or receive 3,339 texts per month: that’s more than 6 texts per hour they are awake. Nearly a third of texting teens who take their phones to school send text messages every day during class time. In general, among U.S. mobile subscribers, almost 60% of time spent on mobile Internet is for social networking sites like Facebook.

If you are a youth minister, these stats provide a great discussion with your teens.  Here are a few conversation starters:
  • Do you notice a general obsession among your peers to always be “connected” through their mobile devices?
  • Would you or your friends ever think something like, “I would be totally lost without my cell phone”?
  • Why do you think some people feel like they can’t be away from their mobile device?
  • What would happen if you or your friends decided to go on a “mobile fast” for a week?


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