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Ten Signs You Are Near A Burnout/Meltdown

From Perry Noble:

My counselor shared a statistic with me two years ago that floored me…90% of the people entering ministry DO NOT RETIRE from ministry, they either quit or have some sort of moral/ethical failure that disqualifies them.

I’m not a rocket scientist…but I honestly do not believe that is what Jesus called us to OR what He wants for our lives.

AND yet so many of us (church leaders) struggle/wrestle with this (usually inwardly because if we said out loud that we are dying inside we fear that people may perceive us as weak!)

Here are ten signs that you are near a burnout and/or meltdown…

#1 – You are beginning to despise people and your compassion for them is continually decreasing rather than increasing.

#2 – You OFTEN think about doing something other than ministry…and your biggest desire isn’t to honor God and reach people but to simply find relief from the pressure that seems to be building daily inside of you.

#3 – You cannot remember the last time you simply had fun with family and friends…and joy is something you talk about but are not experiencing for yourself.

#4 – You are disconnected at home…when you get there you do not want to engage with your spouse or your children, you cannot enjoy being around them…you spend more time online than you do with your family…and you find yourself wanting to sleep all of the time.

#5 – You continually tell yourself and those you love that “this is just a really busy season and that you will slow down soon.” (However, the truth is that you have been most likely “singing that same song” for years!)

#6 – You are continually becoming obsessed with what others say about you…and one negative comment from someone who does not like you can put you in an incredibly deep valley and cause you to feel hopeless.

#7 – You begin to make easy decisions rather than the right ones…because the right ones take too much work.

#8 – There is no hope in you…and, you actually despair life. You have actually thought of death…and some have even entertained suicidal thoughts.

#9 – You are experiencing unexplained depression and/or anxiety. You are even having panic attacks and you can’t explain it!

#10 – You are increasingly becoming withdrawn from family and friends.


I've been raised in church all of my life,(my Father was a Pastor - he passed away in 2005, he was 79 years old), me and my sibilings watched our parents experience burnout or they causes others that were helping to run the ministry to experience burnout.

Some even left the ministry because of burnout.

My parents would not let them go on a vacation when they felt they should. (people knew when they needed to take a break).

It was my parents who didn't know when to take a much needed vacation.

There were times when we would have to tell them to take a vacation.

Even Christ gave wisdom about getting rest.

It's good stewardship(good management)to periodically take a break from the bearings of ministry, that is rest for ones spirit, soul, mind, & body.

So you can come back refreshed.

It's the same way to be successful at anything.

Especially when you are working for God.

Whats Ironic is that it's very important to stay alert in ministry spiritually, mentally, & physically; But how can you do that if you don't get some rest (take a good vacation at least once a year).

Just because someone may know the word of God, it doesn't mean to throw good common sence out the window. (God did give us a brain to put two and two together).

And if we don't do that, sometimes there are warning signs.

You don't want to kill yourself or your ministry (spiritually, mentally, or physically).

Then what, there may be no more you and or even no more ministry. (Thats bad stewardship).

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