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Doing Church Communication Well

A new book, called Outspoken, has just come out to help move the church forward toward more effective communication.  Church communication (and doing it well) is one of the biggest challenges that churches face.  I look forward to this new book, which is a compilation of 60+ contributors weighing in and sharing their expertise.

From the introduction:
This book is a collection of thoughts, ideas and principles that are shaping and inspiring the way some outspoken church communications leaders are leading communication in their churches, from churches of 25 to 25,000, from Des Moines, Iowa, to Sydney, Australia. Throughout these pages you’ll be challenged to think through how your church is communicating and consider new ways of thinking.
The end goal of this book is to engage you in an ongoing conversation about the role of communication in the church. It is our prayer that these thoughts will frustrate, educate and motivate you and your church to communicate, with uncompromising clarity, the
truth of Jesus.
Want to see more? Then check out the Outspoken website, and download a sample of the book


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