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Wanted: Hipster Youth Worker

From Matthew Paul Turner's blog - an actual job posting for a youth minister:
“[We are a] small, growing, easy going, no problem church. Seeking a young man (no experience, no education is no problem). Piercings, tattoos, hair, etc. is no problem. We are good at reaching the types of young people who are traditionally not welcome in churches. We can pay very very small amount, apartment in church available. The perfect place for a young dude who wants to step out into this kind of ministry, but thought he couldn’t due to experience, age, education, looks, etc. We are no liberal, we are out of the box workers. all of us here at First Church of Christ are long since tired of churchy church, tradition, discriminating of people due to whatever, etc. If you are in doubt…give us a shout…you just may be surprised.”
This is where the real job listing is posted…

Is this the place where the church has gone?  A place where we've relegated and placed ministry to the next generation in the hands of the merely the hip and the cool all the while ignoring experience, spiritual maturity and biblical depth?  Let's just hope this posting is an anomaly and not the norm within the church.


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