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The Three Facets Of Social Media

When I discuss social media with a church or ministry organization, I always ask - "what do you want to accomplish?"  In other words, "why are you doing this?"  Too often churches think that they "must" do social media, but beyond that they don't have any clear goals or purpose.

Therefore I'll outline three major outcomes/objectives that they will want to accomplish with social media:

  • Communicating with their audience
  • Connecting people within their Community
  • Calling people to action -in terms of service and engagement

These three aspects mirror the triad of Knowing/Being/Doing.  This triad has always been a helpful hook that I've used when communicating and applying biblical truth to life.  Here's how they relate:

  • Knowing - Communicating information
  • Being - Becoming a connected and growing community of faith
  • Doing - Launching out into service and engagement

Think about how your social media usage and strategy accomplishes these three objectives of Knowing/Being/Doing within your church and ministry.


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