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The Rule Of 1440

Here is how the rule of 1440 works: Each and every day of your life consists of 24 hours, with every precious hour containing no more than 60 minutes. And at the end of the day 1440 minutes have past. Those minutes are gone. Whether you have spent them wisely or wasted them they are gone.

So when it comes to managing your time you have to realize that time is extremely precious. (James 4:14)  As followers of Christ, we are called to be stewards of our time and do use our time, talents and energy to His glory. (Col 3:17)

Here is the breakdown of your life.  If you live to a healthy 75 years of age you will have spent some:27,394 days
657,450 hours
39,447,000 minutes on this earth

That may look like a lot of time, but don’t forget that you will have literally been sleeping for around 25 years or well over 13 million minutes. And then what about time spent on eating, commuting, exercise, office work, running errands etc.? By the time you take all that off that wonderfully large total that makes your life, you’ll be surprised how little time is left for you to use for the other things.  So then the question remands, how will you use the rest of that time in nurturing your relationship with God, being with your family, serving others etc...?

And that is what The Rule of 1440 is all about – realize every day that time is precious, every day is a gift to you from God. Use it wisely, be a good steward and get rid of as many time wasters in your life as you can.


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