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Report Of Mixed Economic Signs From Churches

This is directly from Ed Stetzer:

A new study from LifeWay Research reports that nearly three-quarters (71 percent) of pastors report 2011 offerings at or in excess of their budget requirements. That includes 25 percent with offerings exceeding budget requirements and 46 percent with offerings approximately at budget level.

The report, which can be found online here, describes the relationship between the local church and the economy. It says:
When asked how the current economy is impacting their churches, a majority of pastors (67 percent) report negative impact. That includes 58 percent who say the economy is affecting their church "somewhat negatively" and 9 percent who say it is affecting their church "very negatively."
The findings are similar to what pastors said in January 2011 but more negative than their opinions in March 2010, when only 62 percent said the economy was affecting their congregations negatively.
"Just as there are some positive signs in the U.S. economy, we are seeing more churches with some growth in offerings for 2011," said Scott McConnell, director of LifeWay Research. "However, average gains are small and not all churches will benefit depending on their local economy and the overall health of their church."
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