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How To Make A Ministry Transition

An excerpt from Jay Thomas:
Seven months ago I turned the page on associate ministry and began a new chapter as a lead pastor. This was a transition my wife and I had been praying about for a few years, and anticipated with both fear and resolve. In a season of testing and sanctification the Lord made us wait, learn, grow, and trust him. Then, in a way only the Lord could manufacture, he led us clearly to Chapel Hill Bible Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I feel as if I have learned not only a seminary course, but also a whole degree’s worth of knowledge and experience. Brothers, may it help you in some small way as I share a slice.
Be prepared to shepherd your fellow ministry staff first.

Be prepared that not everyone will like you.

Be prepared that a lot of people will love you.

Be prepared to make more money.

Be prepared to eat crow for all the critical, quickly arrived at, ungracious feelings and words you had toward the upper leadership in your previous church.

Be prepared that your transition may entail some unusual moments of spiritual attack and suffering.

Be prepared to experience loneliness.

Finally, prepare your family.

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