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Are You Being Safe With Social Media?

Here are some questions to consider as you venture into the realm of social media:
  1. Do you post pictures of minors anywhere online?
  2. Are you conscientious about obtaining permission before we post any pictures or videos of your church family online?
  3. Are you selective about those you follow on Twitter, or those you Retweet?
  4. Are you careful never to post anything on your website, Facebook page, blog, or Twitter account that could jeopardize the safety or privacy of your members (especially information about minors)?
  5. Do you know how to adjust your privacy settings on Facebook?
  6. Do you have restricted access to photo albums you've shared on Facebook?
  7. Do you know how to block abusive or offensive users/spammers from your social media channels?
  8. Do you understand that Twitter and Facebook allows you to make a first impression with many who have never visited your church, and do you seriously take this into consideration before you share anything online?
  9. Are you careful not to share prayer requests online without consent from those named in the request?
  10. Are you careful to give attribution to material on your website and blog?
  11. Have you entrusted admin rights for your website/social media channels to responsible people within your church?
  12. Does your church have a social media policy (in writing)? Online Tool for creating one HERE
Social media can provide tremendous benefits for your church/ministry - but at the same time if it is used carelessly or with ignorance - it can work against you. (some points gathered from


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