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The ABC’s Of Teambuilding

Building a strong team takes many different things so that the group you are working to unite can be as strong and effective as possible. Here are 26 quick tips to foster the team atmosphere:
Acknowledge people’s strengths and weaknesses and assign them tasks that keep these in mind.

Build time into your schedule to get to know the members of your team both personally and professionally.

Compliment a job well done publicly and privately when team members excel at something.

Delegate tasks to the members of your team to give them a sense of ownership and to challenge them to develop new skills.

Encourage discussion among the members of your team when it comes to making choices about vision, goals, and direction to help everyone feel more invested.

Foster relationships between the members of your team by pairing them up to get to know each other better. This will help strengthen your team as the grow closer together.

Gather your team together from time to time away from your team responsibilities to laugh, have fun, and enjoy each other.

Harness the talents and skills of team members that they posses that may lay outside of their job descriptions. This allows them to showcase other abilities and challenge themselves while contributing to the growth of your team.

Invite your team members to help brainstorm new promotions and projects so that they are able to infuse their passion and creativity into your team’s direction.

Jot short notes to your team members from time to time to uplift, inspire, and thank them.

Know the personal and professional goals of your team members and be on the lookout for ways to help them move closer to them.
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