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3 Great Reasons For People To Volunteer

Do you ever feel bad asking for church volunteers? In the back of your mind, are you thinking, I know how busy people are! How can I expect them to add one more thing to their busy schedules? I understand that I am supposed to “equip the saints for service”; but how can I do this when they are already maxed out?

Consider the following from a recent survey of people who volunteer…

68% say it makes them feel physically healthier,
73% say it lowers their stress level,
92% say it enriches their sense of purpose in life!

*from Success Magazine, 9/10

This gives us three great reasons people should volunteer; even with its frustrations and challenges, serving is fulfilling! This is what we need to remember. This is what will give us courage when it comes time for recruiting church volunteers… and it’s what gives us endurance when things get stressful.

(ht: Group's Church Volunteer Central)


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