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You Can't Ignore Social Media Anymore

The metro editor for The Washington Post has made social media a requirement for all his reporters. Why? A case in point is the recent news that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner might be resigning. Pexton writes:
“If you’re a print reader, you probably read about Geithner’s possible departure over your Friday morning coffee. But if you’re an online reader, you knew about it about 14 hours earlier. And that could be important if you’re an investor in New York, Tokyo, or Shanghai or if you’re a Senate staffer thinking about confirmation hearings or a Republican staffer planning on how to counter President Obama’s eventual nominee.”
It is becoming impossible to ignore social media.  With journalism, it has become a necessity for their industry.  Given the "social" nature of ministry, I believe people in ministry are hard pressed to keep ignoring it any further. Social media provides a necessary touch point into people lives.

Are you one of those last holdouts that still hasn't engaged with Facebook or social media channels?  If so, why? 

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