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The Source Of True Freedom

I hope you are enjoying a great day of time with family and friends.  Perhaps your day is filled with eating a little BBQ, swimming and watching some fireworks. But at the heart of this annual celebration is the independence and freedom we have as a country.  For many of us it's hard to comprehend the depth of this blessing because very few Americans have ever felt the yoke of an oppressive government - and those that have, are immigrants that flood the American shores looking for that precious freedom.

But regardless of what we have experience or not, politically and socially - we are not FREE.  The truth of the matter is that we were all born under the yoke of oppression and slavery- spiritually speaking.

All of humanity has been born into sin. Our sin blinds us and we are held captive to the Evil One himself. (Eph 2:3; 2 Cor. 4:4)  In and of ourselves there is no hope for deliverance or freedom.

However, amid hopelessness is One who came who is the incarnation of hope. Jesus Christ the Son of God. He lived the perfect life, sinless life that you and I could not live and payed the penalty for sin (death) that you and I deserved to pay.   (John 4.34, 8.29; 2 Pet. 3.18)

In this glorious work of Jesus', life-death-resurrection, He has set us FREE (Rom 6.17-18) - for all those who would choose to receive it. (John 1:12)

In Jesus, we are no longer slaves to sin, but rather slaves to Christ.  Christ purchased US with a precious price, His shed blood on the cross.  And it is in our "slavery" to Christ, that there is found TRUE freedom. Freedom to live, love, serve, delight and hope.

The gospel is a message of emancipation, deliverance and freedom! Let us during this July 4th weekend reflect deeply on the source of our true, everlasting freedom.


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