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Five Reasons People Give

I love what my friend Casey is doing over at GivingRocket.  He offers experience, resources and coaching for churches in helping them increase giving and managing their finances.  He is the real deal.  Here is an excerpt from his blog on the issue of why people give:

1. They see a need. You’ve probably heard this phrase: “People don’t give to need; they give to vision.” While that’s true for some people, it’s not true for all people.

2. They believe in a vision. Let’s face it – keeping the staff employed, the mortgage current and the light bill paid in full isn’t that inspiring. But being a part of a church that’s making an eternal difference is a mission that will inspire people.

3. They are taught how to do it. Many people don’t give because they don’t know how. This doesn’t sound true to you, but you’re familiar with how the church works. Many people, especially those new to the church in general or your church in particular, may not fully understand how giving works. You’ve got to educate them!

4. They understand the Bible. In addition to stats and stories, you must teach people what the Scripture says about giving. You must to commit to teach your people about Biblical stewardship and generosity. We’ve got a whole resource on this!

5. They have a relationship with someone. The final reason that people give is often the strongest – people give because they have a relationship with someone. This may be the pastor, another staff member, or a volunteer, but relationships in the church are VERY powerful. We’ve seen it over and over again – people come to church and get connected to a small group or a volunteer team. Once they have relationships, they “buy into the church” on a much deeper level.

(ht: Casey)

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