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Do You Want To Leave Your Church?

The top three searches that find Ministry Best Practices are:

  • How to Leave a Church
  • When To Leave a Church
  • How To Leave Your Church
And those searches usually find this POST and this POST

Wow, that really surprised me. But after seeing this data, I began asking myself, what is driving people to look elsewhere and leave their church? Why are people so dissatisfied with their church?

Could it be because of serious issues of spiritual abuse?  Or theological compromise? Or are people leaving their church based on more trivial matters of worship taste or program selection?

Let me hear from you....what do you think?  And if you are a person in the category of leaving your church...please comment below why and what is prompting you to leave? (but leave leave out names and identities)


If you're seriously considering leaving your church, please take a moment and check out at least one of Dag Heward-Mills' loyalty series, either "Loyalty and Disloyalty", "Those Who Leave You", "Those Who Pretend", and many more. It'll give you and in depth understanding of what you may be going through. Get it and be blessed :)

I have recently been told by a leader of my church that it is in fact in the bible that we should not communicate any more with people who decide to leave the church. I don't think that sometimes its that clear, as if you are great friends with the person who leaves, and have been for many years, you are still going to want to be friends with them.

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