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Discipling People Toward Holiness

I currently work with a ministry that reaches out with the gospel into the medical community.  Part of that work is also equipping and discipling Christians as they navigate the integration of their faith and vocation.  But what materials are out there that will systematically guide a leader and student through the process of discipleship?

The answer for me lies with a ministry I worked with before I began with my current ministry- Campus Crusade.  I was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ for 17 years, and I know first hand the caliber of tools and training they have for discipleship.

Recently a friend of mine reminded me of a discipleship curriculum CCC has called The Compass.

It is broken into several sections:

  • How to Disciple
  • Walk by Faith
  • Communicate Your Faith
  • Multiply Your Faith
This is top draw training.  The material is all in downloadable PDF's and it comes with audio training, and best of all it's free.  You can find it all HERE


Cru PDF's are useful...I will be using it to my young people group and me also :-)

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