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8 Mistakes When Hiring Church Staff

From Charles Stone: "I’ve hired several pastors and admin staff in my ministry of 30 plus years and I’ve made some great choices and some not so great ones as well."

These mistakes have contributed to my poor selections.

  • Not pursuing the yellow flags that nagged at the back of my mind.
  • Refusing to REALLY ask other key influencers what they REALLY thought.
  • Thinking I could fix the hire’s glaring deficiencies over time.
  • Rushing the process.
  • Letting my emotional attachment to the potential hire overshadow thoughtful reflection.
  • Being too nice in the process (that doesn’t mean that I didn’t treat the potential hires with respect).
  • Not praying enough.
  • Not listening to my gut.

What hiring mistakes have you made?"

(ht: Charles Stone)


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