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Does Your Church Website STINK!?

Too often church websites STINK!  They are either created by some church member's cousin, with no real thought to design, functionality and sustainability.  They usually start off looking bad and get even worse as they have no ownership in keeping the content fresh and updated.  They become embarrassing online ghost towns.  And given that most people go to a church's website to explore and "kick the tires" of the church before they visit - a church can't afford to have a website that STINKS!!

See the complete infographic of the traps and pitfalls of webpage design, usability and SEO that a church needs to be careful not to fall into at: Ecreative Internet Marketing

If you want a website that DOESN'T STINK?!  Then you need to use Clover websites.  They provide attractive, usable, adaptable websites for your church or ministry.  Go to Clover and take a look at their great service.


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